Friday, 24 March 2017

Get Yer Gulls OFF..... , 24.03.17

Another trip to Rufforth with Nick D produced 2 x 1st Winter Glaucous Gulls, 1 x 1st winter Iceland Gull and 4 possible  Caspian Gulls, 3 x third winters and the above adult. Also 1000s more gulls, a Peregrine and 4 Buzzards.Looks like its a Herring Gull...So you read the books , you get the photos , you question all the various identification featuresc etc  etc  and then you Feck it up....This looks like a Caspian Gull but in fact it is a Herring Gull in fact it look likes a common argenteus .Many thanks for all the emails and chat , Mick , Martyn , Martin . Mark , and the comments on UK Gulls.. I am looking forward to late July.........NEVER THINK GULLS ARE STRAIGHTFORWARD......doh doh...

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